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 P.O. Box 50334

Henderson, NV 89016

HELP LINEToll Free: (877) 333-3097 Ext. 101

President: Nobody

Vice President: Ogre

Secretary: Midgy

Treasurer: Hope

Security at Arms: Cuz

Agency Liaison: Hope

Biker Liaison: Cuz

Child Liaison: Q

Court Liaison: Nana

Events Coordinator: Chi-Town

Historian: Pepper

Initial Training Sponsors: Headcase and Kickstand

Merchandise: Quirkie

Public Relations: Lobo

Road Captain: Gabby

Sponsor Coordinator: Wifey

I.T. Officer: Nanuk

Reno white

     HELP LINEToll Free: (877) 333-3097 Ext. 201

1285 Baring Blvd., Box 163, Sparks, NV. 89434

President: Sox

Vice President: Rico

Secretary: Problem Child

Security at Arms: T-Bone

Treasurer: Pippi

Agency Liaison: Brave

Child Liaison: Miss G

Clinical Specialist: Tink

Court Liaison: Lurch

Events: Sunshine

Historian: Dauq

Initial Training Sponsor: Poet

Merchandise: ET

Public Relations: Rev

Road Captain: Grog

Sponsor Coordinator: Packman

Training Coordinator: Dauq

I.T. Officer : Edge

NENV white

**Temporary Charter Chapter**

HELP LINEToll Free: (877) 333-3097 Ext. 301


P.O. Box 271, Elko, NV, 89803

President: Diesel Monkey

Vice President: Super-D

Secretary: Bubble-Rat

Security at Arms: Conan

Treasurer: Bug

Child Liaison: Red Sonja

Court Liaison: Red Sonja

Event Coordinator: Queen B

Merchandise: Momma-D

Public Relations: Bubble-Rat

Road Captain: Road Block

I.T. Officer: Nanuk


Chapter Meetings

Nevada Chapter

3rd Thursday every month at 6:30 PM.

Elks Lodge.
4100 West Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas NV 89102

**All first time visitors please arrive at 6pm for a 15 minute introductory conversation. **

Reno Chapter
3rd Tuesday every month at 7 PM.
Call 877-333-3097 for meeting location.

Northeaster Nevada Chapter
3rd Friday every month at 8:30 PM.
Stockman's Hotel and Casino
340 Commercial Street
Elko, NV, 89801


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